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Captain Ukuleles


I'm on hiatus! No Captain ukuleles being made at present as I'm back full time in the classroom.


Shipping to NZ & Aus only

The Process

From lumps of wood to the finished ukulele - explore the process to see how it's done.

The Maker

The Wood

This country has many endemic species that are perfect for instrument making. Some of our timbers make great tonewoods, like Mangeao, Kohekohe, Matai and Kauri. Others are ideal for fretboards and bridges, especially Puriri and Pohutukawa. Tawa is ideal for necks due to it's stability and medium density. Rewarewa makes a lovely back, with bookmatching showing off the remarkable grain and medullary rays. On each Captain ukulele, there will be up to eight different woods, making it both a musical instrument and a piece of interesting art, with links to our botanical history.



Handmade in Te Pahu by Adrienne - seamstress extraordinaire.


Artec undersaddle piezo transducers


Golden Syrup tin preamp

Customer Feedback

Hi Bevan.

The ukulele arrived yesterday - It exceeds all my expectations.

I would usually not buy an instrument without holding it but liked what you are doing ...

Aesthetically it is beautiful, rich in texture and a joy to hold. One strum was all it needed to bring a smile to my face - for a moment I heard the songs of all the indigenous birds that have passed through its timber ...

Thanks a million

- Geoffrey