Handmade Ukuleles NZ Native TimberTe Pahu


Ukuleles are small, unassuming instruments. It may be that your needs are simple - a ukulele to hang on the wall.

It may be that you're a sociable ukulele player and require a stylish, protective softcase.

Perhaps you're a gigging ukulele player and require a pickup and preamp to really make yourself heard.

Or just maybe, you're in need of something unusual like the Dave Parker Signature Captain, which has a doubly low G, two pickups, a split saddle with stereo output into a twin channel preamp...


Each softcase is unique! They're made from a selection of upholstery fabric with abundant padding, made to last by experienced upholsterer Adrienne Carthew right here in Te Pahu.


The pickup is installed in the bridge, sitting beneath the saddle. It doesn't affect the acoustic nature of the ukulele, and is discreet, easy to mix live and gives you a clear, bright sound. Like all piezo pickups it needs a preamp! If you don't use a preamp, it'll sound nasty and brittle due to low frequency signal impedence.


Other than 'sweetening up the sound' the preamp does important things to the impedence, which delivers a strong signal to the amp or mixing desk without losing those warm frequencies. It also has bass, mid and treble EQ controls plus volume (switched).