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Customer Feedback

We always love hearing from people who write in with feedback about their Captain ukulele. Here are some messages from satisfied customers.

Hi Bevan

I am so pleased with the Captain ukulele you made for me.  I’ve had it for 10 days now and just can’t get over how good it sounds.  I was initially taken by the beautiful native wood but as a beginner I wasn’t sure I should be getting another ukulele just yet, or about going down a size to concert.  Your "return if not satisfied" offer was reassuring but the genuine experience of meeting, getting your advice and trying the concert uke made the decision easy.  I couldn’t believe the sound quality, volume and sustain that ukulele had, and I suspect mine might be better.  Choosing my own mix of native woods and even the colour of the tuners makes it very special.  I’ve had some very nice comments about it.  Fabulous to have such a high quality NZ made ukulele.  Now I need to do it justice with my playing!  

Thanks again, Neil.

- Neil, Lower Hutt

Hi Bevan.

The ukulele arrived yesterday - It exceeds all my expectations.

I would usually not buy an instrument without holding it but liked what you are doing ...

Aesthetically it is beautiful, rich in texture and a joy to hold. One strum was all it needed to bring a smile to my face - for a moment I heard the songs of all the indigenous birds that have passed through its timber ...

Thanks a million

- Geoffrey

I recently received my 3rd Captain ukulele. I like them because they are really carefully hand-crafted instruments. 

The timbers used are locally sourced and you can feel the honour given to the materials - they are instruments I'm very proud to own.

Bevan has crafted my low G ukes specifically for my requirements performing with the Nukes. Intonation and string action are very important as I use every fret on every string. I have relied on his superior understanding and knowledge in terms of setting up the ukes for performance. He has custom fitted the split stereo pick-up to effectively amplify and separate the bass (low G) string from the treble strings. 

As far as I'm aware these ukes are unique to any I have seen, anywhere.

I recommend Captain ukuleles for anyone looking for locally made, hand-crafted, quality instruments, priced to suit.

- Dave Parker - Ukulele/ Singer/ songwriter, The Nukes, NZ (est 2008)

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Seriously good, bespoke audio equipment (preamps, compressors, EQs, mixers etc...) made in NZ. There is nothing comparable, unless of course you already have an original Neve desk sitting in your studio. In which case you still need to add an Ekadek valve compressor. That is unless you already have a Fairchild 670, in which case you still need an Ekadek valve preamp, or do you already have a Pultec MB1 at the head of your signal chain? No? Well then.

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Q: How do you stay warm in your drafty workshop over winter? A: Beautifully crafted woolen knitwear, made locally by Vicky at Wharfies.

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